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    This cream is a velvety, gentle and potent concoction that nourishes and conditions, making your skin feel very supple.

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    The ultimate peeling gel for the face that helps cleanse, brighten, condition and detoxify the skin, whilst giving it a lighter, fresher and softer look. This great concoction includes a special combination of active ingredients to comfortably and methodically remove cells of dead skin, residues and surplus oil, which will leave your skin feeling soft and...

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    A velvety and gorgeous marvel featuring a unique and exclusive mixture of active ingredients from all over the planet to create an exception blend that help restore your skin’s beautiful appearance. This special blend is designed using the characteristic efficiency found in gemstones, diamond dust and the powerful softening characteristics possessed by...

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    This is a very concentrated mask with thermal properties that warms up on the skin while it detoxifies it. The skin will appear and feel more firmed, redefined and smoothed, when this mask is used two times per week.

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    This highly concentrated mask has been designed as the ultimate luxury in age challenging cosmetics, for those select individuals who search for a singular and complete experience with unparalleled results leaving a lifted and firmer skin with less wrinkles. For optimal results, use on combination or dryer skin. Don’t use it on oily or acne prone skin.

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